Forum of Infection

The official scientific journal of Clinical Microbiology Society which has been granted 5 points of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in 2016.

Interdisciplinarity and extensive knowledge

Our bimonthly medical journal deals with the issues of broadly defined aspects of infections. Through the interdisciplinary nature of the journal, the articles present an extensive knowledge about infections that are still a tremendous challenge for the modern medicine.

Finest experts in the matter of infection

The experience of many specialists in various medical fields allows us to provide you with a broad knowledge of the types of infections, from those well-known ones, such as a cold, to those with the most aggressive forms that pose a direct threat to humans’ life – spinal meningitis or endocarditis caused by bacteria and viruses.

Our cooperation with a group of talented doctors, who face the issue of infections on a daily basis, is very rich in interesting scientific works aimed at presenting key guidelines concerning proceedings, introducing different points of view on the phenomena caused by various forms of infections as well as the methods of treatment.

We take attendance on the most significant events

Forum of Infection with a print run of 6000 copies is delivered for free to the members of affiliated Societies. Our team also takes part in many countrywide scientific conferences.

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